Pave The Way

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개발자: Advertile Mobile UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
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Rick, The Hunter behind Treasures, got an old map with a route to the abandonment of the time and space mighty tomb of Pharaoh Khnum.

Collect all ancient tablets which open the door to countless treasures !

Moving from an obstacle to an obstacle, find the way through from one island to another. On the way youll find traps and enemies, most of them will chase you, as soon as they see you. But you can use various mechanisms and bonuses to defeat them! Drag boxes, deactivate the traps block enemies and much more!

Collect the golden tablets, pave the way to the gems, scattered at level, destroy obstacles, or on the contrary, create your own road to the finish! Whole eighty free levels of an addictive gameplay!
• 80 excellent levels
• The various enemies who are carefully protecting a way to treasures
• A lot of dangerous traps, trapping you on a way to treasures
• It is impossible to pass level for smaller number of moves? Destroy obstacles stirring to you or on the contrary – construct lacking by means of unique bonuses!
• Growing complexity: Collect tablets and earn stars so stone guards could pass you on more difficult stage!
• Carry out additional tasks for a generous award!
• Any level can be passed by a huge number of various ways
• In the Pave The Way Pro Rick has an infinite number of lives, but that does not make him completely immune to spikes and fireballs.

Thanks for playing !

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